Wednesday, June 05, 2013

The Back Deck

For six months the only door into our house was the front door.  Then in April we finally gutted the kitchen and installed a patio door into the back yard.

This setup worked fine for everyone except for my lab mix.  She's just too old and arthritic for the steep stairs.  But after several months of snow and rain the weather has finally turned nice and we can get to work on the deck.  Luke and my dad built the main part of the deck while I was working on the kitchen.

Because the deck leads down to both the sidewalk and the patio we needed two separate sets of steps.  We wanted the deck to seem very connected to the whole yard so we decided to elongate the steps and wrap them around two sides of the deck.
Now that we finally have a break from the rain I can get a better picture of how the backyard living space really flows together.
We still need to stain the patio, trim out the doors and take care of a few small details but the back is just about finished.

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