Sunday, February 24, 2013

The Master Bedroom Finally Done (Almost)

After eighteen months and countless comments from guests it's time I do something with the master bedroom.  When we first moved in it was a Spiderman themed mess with black and blue walls and red trim.  The closest I came to making it "homey" was to take the web-slinger stickers off the wall.
Last fall we finished the back bedrooms and moved into the guest room.  A month later I discovered the master bedroom had a wall full of mold from our previously leaky roof.

I ripped down all the sheetrock, but this is the wall that separates the bedroom and living room so for the last four months we've had this view from the sofa.
Since then I've insulated the exterior walls and  built the master bathroom, but the bedroom is in a pretty sorry state.

My parents will be staying for a few days at the end of the month and I thought it would be nice to have the master suite ready for them.  I had a four day weekend so I recruited Luke to help me hang sheetrock on Friday evening.  I can hang 8' sheets by myself but I haven't figured out how to do 12' alone.  The room is 11'10" square so this eliminates a lot of seams

My four day weekend was spent in a haze of drywall dust but by the time I returned to work the room was almost finished.  The walls were finished, textured and painted.

It look a few evenings to take care of the finishing touches, window trim, crown molding and a new light fixture.  Even though we haven't refinished the floors yet the room is much more appealing.

I also moved in some furniture to make the room more comfortable for my parents.  Nothing matches, but when we bring in our bedding and get rid of the rug it will all tie together.

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