Wednesday, February 20, 2013

In The Pen

I've been working alone for the last four months while Luke worked on his thesis.  But last weekend he had some free time to help on the house.  Even though we did not work on the same projects it was great to having him around.  His main project this weekend was dealing with the dog pen.
Atlas and Rikka share a 160 sq ft pen on the side of the house.  One side was closed in by the covered patio.  We removed the covered patio last fall and the cinder block seating wall was not enough to keep the dogs in the pen.
Removing the cinder blocks was fast and easy thanks to the demo hammer.
We debated doing a cedar fence, but Atlas really likes to see what is going on in the yard so we needed something a little more open.  We settled on building our fence out of the same aluminum balusters we used on the porch railing with a cedar frame.
They look happy in this picture but only because I was bribing them with treats. The pen has shelter, water and a heating pad but Atlas would prefer to sleep under the tree in the back yard.  Too bad he dug a hole and lost that privilege.
The fence is 45" tall from the patio, 50" from the dog pen but my malamute is afraid of heights so I don't have to worry about him going over.  Now that the dogs are properly locked up we'll see if the grass survived the winter.

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