Monday, February 25, 2013

Next Up: Laundry Room

When we first bought the house the laundry was located upstairs in the kitchen/dining room:
We decided to convert the cellar into livable space and chose the back corner for the laundry room location.
After gutting the basement and framing new walls we had a space for a laundry room, notice all the drain lines hanging there for Luke to bang his head on.
Several months ago we replaced all our copper drain lines with new pvc ones.  We rerouted the pipes to run in between the floor joist to create more head room.  The new lines run through a plumbing chase between the laundry room and adjacent bathroom.  This houses not only the drain lines but will also contains the radon mitigation system and dryer vent.  Eventually I will put the washer, dryer and sink on this wall.
The west wall has a crawlspace access into the addition.  I need to build a more attractive access panel.

The north wall is half covered by the controls for our hydronic heat system.  I will be putting built in cabinets at the bottom of the wall and hiding the hydronic components behind louvered doors.
The east wall has our new electrical panel so I can't build any counters in front like I had originally  intended.
Last weekend Luke and I finished the framing and shimmed the floor joists in preparation for drywall.  It's going to be a busy week with Luke defending his thesis and starting a new job  but I am hoping to get the insulation in this week and have the walls rocked this weekend.

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