Wednesday, October 10, 2012


I wasn't looking for a new project.  I just wanted to get the master suite insulated before we saw any more snow.  But in order to insulate I needed to tear down the sheetrock, remove the old insulation and finish wiring the room.  And then I found this:
I guess this would explain why my allergies suddenly improved when we moved out of this room.

We knew the old roof was leaking, but just now learned that the water was running down a wire into this bay.  Unfortunately this wall happens to separate the bedroom from the living room.  So this

Now looks like this
I had already arranged some vacation time to work on the exterior.  I had to use two of my vacation days to get the walls torn down, wired and re-insulated.
It was a hassle and wasted a lot of my vacation time, but the house stays a lot warmer now.

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