Monday, October 22, 2012

Front of House Before and After

As autumn draws to a close and we prepare to hunker down for another winter I am pleased to look back and see that changes we have made to the exterior of the house.  Until a few months ago we had a drab little 50's house.
But now we get to come home to this charming little place.  (Sorry about the lighting.  It gets dark pretty early here)
I snapped this picture a month before we moved in.  We're still trying to keep that neighbor kid out of the yard and away from the cat.
The updated front looks so much better although the garden needs some attention.

And the view down the driveway has improved considerably since this picture
 The garage now looks like it actually belongs with the house
 The exterior is now officially done for the year.  It's already turned cold here in Montana and it's currently snowing, again.  I'm ready to work on the interior for a while.


Sharon @ Laurelhurst Craftsman said...

I been cruising through your blog and I cannot believe the condition of your current house when you bought it--eeeew! Bravo to you guys for having the vision to take on this project.

portlandfoursquare said...

Just found your blog: looks like you are doing some great work - what a transformation. Keep up the good work!