Saturday, June 25, 2016

Foundation Coat Makes All The Difference

A few weeks ago I posted photos of our egress window well.  In the first picture you can see the mismatched concrete from where we filled in the old basement window opening.
 We used a textured foundation coating to hide the different concrete as well as to dress up the exposed foundation.
But that wasn't our only use for the texture.  The kitchen addition we built last year has treated plywood skirting, affordable and rot resistant, but not attractive.
After patching all the nailheads I spread the texture with a trowel then used a stipple brush to put a stucco finish on the plywood.
I intentionally made some areas thicker and more uneven than others to mimic some of the unevenness of the concrete foundation.
Once everything is textured you can't tell the concrete foundation from the wood skirting.
I thought of the texture as a nice little detail that no one was likely to notice but to my surprise we've already had neighbors from down the street asking where they can buy the texture.  If you're feeling inspired to try it yourself just look for Tuff II on the Home Depot website.

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