Monday, June 27, 2016

Finally Finished the Front Porch

It's been two years since we did our first real project on our current home
Adding a 6'x10' porch added some visual interest to the ugly little box of a house but we never completely finished the porch.
Since then we've built a garage, replaced the roof, siding, doors and windows but the porch remained unfinished.
This spring I have been focusing on the landscaping and wrapping up the exterior work.  It seemed like it was finally time to finish the porch.  After building a frame I installed a couple rows of 12" fascia to close up the front and sides.
I also decided that it was time to do something about the posts.  Although our house is just a 70's ranch we've tried to add a craftsman theme.  The 4x6 porch posts were rather plain until I used scrap lumber to mimic the lines of the craftsman fireplace in the living roo.

The bases are painted in the same dark accent color we used on the gables with the house color in the inset areas.
I can't resist one more before and after.


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