Monday, May 11, 2015

A Finished Roof

Over the weekend my brother and his wife came down to help us finish the roof.  The synfelt has been great and we haven't had any leaks despite a few rainy days, but it was time to get the last side of the roof finished and the pallet of shingles out of our yard.
Despite having to take time to install the sun tunnel for the future bathroom we were able to get the shingling done in one day.
Sunday was spent on wrapping up some small projects but I did find a few hours to continue repainting the garage door.
It was a little dark when I took this photo but you can see some hints of the color variation that makes this look like wood.

Once I paint the raised panels on the lower three rows I cans start work on the horizontal painting.  It is slow, tedious work and I'm not sure the end result will be worth it.  For now I am getting lots of strange looks from my neighbors.

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