Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Mom's Kitchen Makeover - Part 1

Hello All,

I'm back.  The blog is up and running again and we've moved into our "new" house in Helena.  But I won't be posting about the house just yet.  Now that I am jobless I am taking a little time to work on some projects for my family.  First up is a kitchen mini-makeover for my mom.

My parent's home was once owned by a cabinet maker, resulting in a large kitchen with tons of storage that was the height of style in 1990.

The pickled oak finish was not holding up well.  I refinished the matching bathroom vanity several years ago and discovered that it is almost impossible to get rid of the finish in the deeper grains of the wood.
 The wallpaper was peeling at the seams and along the bottoms of the wall.
 And the massive light fixture matched the cabinets, but also made the large kitchen feel small and closed-in.

I used my trusty old steamer to strip the wallpaper.  Six hours later the walls were finally clean.
My brother helped me remove the light fixture, leaving us with these lovely fluorescent strip lights.
 The ceiling had two holes for the original light fixtures.
My mom chose some new fluorescent fixtures that aren't so bulky.  The room feels quite a bit taller with the new fixtures but obviously I haven't finished painting the ceiling.
We've hit a little snag as Home Depot is out of the backsplash tile we chose last weekend but I can still work on the cabinets.  I'll post more photos as we make progress.

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Elissa said...

Taking off that wallpaper made a huge impact. Glad to see you back.