Thursday, May 02, 2013

It's Looking Better

The blog quality is about to improve.  No, I'm not going to start proofreading my posts, but at least the photos will be getting better.
Luke and I agreed to buy a camera that could take wide angle photos.  We are planning on selling the house ourselves and thought it would be nice to have better pictures.  Then my brother offered us his "old" camera that was too slow for outdoor photography.  Take a look a the difference.
Old Camera- Floors
New Camera - Floors
 Old Camera - Kitchen
 New Camera - Kitchen

In addition to having a wide-angle lens the new camera also has twice the resolution and much better optical zoom so I can get pictures of Atlas hamming it up without spooking him by getting too close.
I have yet to read the owner's manual and figure out all the settings but I have a lot of lunch breaks to kill over the next few weeks.  Hopefully by the time I start making flyers for the house I'll have this camera figured out.

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