Monday, May 06, 2013

A Sneak Peek At The Floors

After another marathon weekend on the house we are looking better than ever.  Luke only works a half day on Fridays so he was already home and sanding the floor by the time I got off work.
It took quite a bit of sanding to get the uneven boards level.  While Luke worked the drum sander I took care of the edges of the room and the stairway ledge.  Once the sanding was finished we built a dog barrier to keep Atlas off the bare floor.  Even a big malamute is afraid of a few things so we made a fence out of his nemesis: vacuums.
We stained the floor on Saturday night.  The color is special walnut which is a little darker than I had originally planned on but looks very rich and warm.
    We put our first coat of poly on the next morning before church.  We're using an oil-modified polyurethane so we were able to re-coat every two hours.  I sanded the floors between coats with a 240 grit on my electric drywall sander.  It's faster than using a sanding pole and left a really smooth finish.  I apologize for the lighting; it was late and we don't have all the kitchen lights installed yet so the floor looks weird.
So far we have finished about 225 sq ft out of 800 that needs to be refinished.  Luke did find time to sand the finish off the living room floor but we still have to strip two bedrooms and refinish them, the hall and living room this coming weekend.

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