Sunday, January 20, 2013

Master Bathroom Finished

I normally do before and after photos when I finish a room.  But the master bathroom was never a bathroom before.  It was just space that we stole from the end of the bedroom.  So really the best I can do is offer you this as a before picture.
Drumroll please...
View from the master bedroom


Instead of a whirlpool I installed an extra-deep tub.

Vanity -
 Since Luke is a foot taller than I am I chose a pivoting mirror so it would work for either of us.

Tile floor
Floor thermostat
 This makes three bathrooms I've built in the last year.  It also means I am done with bathrooms, at least until we buy another house.  I would love to take a week off from the house and get rested but there's just no time.  I finished the bathroom last night, this afternoon I'm starting the laundry room; that's all the break I get.


Jayne said...

Your bathroom looks great! Is that a Kohler Archer tub? I want a deep tub too and was wondering what kind you have.

Britten said...

It's actually a Sterling Ensemble from Lowes. It's affordable and huge compared to a standard tub.

Lucy said...

That is beautiful. You do a great job. I am impressed and inspired.


Amy@BuffaloRoam said...

That is fantastic! I'm completely impressed! :)