Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Changing Up The Framing

We wrapped up the garage last week and can't do anything with the lawn while the grass seed is getting started, so last weekend we were ready to start a new project: the back bedrooms.  We have two bedrooms that were added during an addition in the late 70's or early 80's.
The pee room

And the disco room.

Obviously both rooms needed some attention.  We need to replace the windows and floors but we really want to make these two bedrooms seem like they are part of the original house.  We already started this process by enlarging the back hallway from 32" to 40"

And framing a new master bathroom in part of the disco room.
But we still have more work to do. We removed the closet framing so the bedrooms were just one long room (9'6" x 33')
Looking North

Looking South

And then framed in the new closets a few feet south of their old location
Looking North

Looking South

Since finishing the framing we've been working late every night getting the electrical run and some sheetrock hung.  Despite the fact that we only really have one functional bedroom and one bathroom Luke invited ten members of his family to stay at our house this weekend so we are frantically trying to get the bedrooms usable.  I'll try to get progress pictures up soon but don't hold your breath.

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