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Finally, An Overhead Door

 Three months ago we decided to replace our old garage door.
When we first moved in I wanted to save this old wooden monstrosity.  It could have been sanded, repaired and repainted but it was going to take a lot of time and money.  The old door needed new plexiglass windows and we were going to have to buy a heavy-duty garage door opener to handle the weight of the wooden door.  It looked like we were going to have to spend $250 to use the wooden door and we would still be stuck with the old extension springs that can be dangerous.  
After deciding to replace the door I spent the next two months trying to get a good price on a new door.  Home Depot had one that I tried to buy but they won't ship it to my address and won't ship to any stores in Montana.  They seem to do this a lot and I'm about ready to stop buying there.  But after two months I finally found a used door on Craigslist.  
Added bonus, it's insulated
It was 160 miles away but the price was right.  We built an extended rack for the Highlander and hauled the doors home without incident.
 The sellers were converting their old garage into a guest house and sold us the overhead door, tracks, hanger brackets and opener for $250.  The overhead door is 18 years old but I've been told Martin is a good brand and the opener is only six years old.  The door is just about perfect, but the brown paint is oxidized and the color does not match our gray siding.  We set up the sawhorses in the garage and I started work.  First I wiped the doors down with mineral spirits.
I used Zinsser Bullseye 1-2-3 primer applied with brush.  Since the steel door is stamped with a wood-grain the brush marks do not show.
After only one coat the dark color still showed through quite a bit
I did the second coat of primer with a 4" roller.  The second coat on the left looks much more uniform than the single coat on the right.
By the end of the day the doors were looking considerably better than they had that afternoon
The temperature was dropping so I called it a night but I did not want to leave the doors exposed to dust and neighborhood cats.  Luke and I put up the tarp that had been over the garage roof all winter.
The neighbors probably wondered why we had new garage doors and they still had to look at our classy tarp door.
We waited for another month before installing the garage doors.  Luke wanted to have the concrete floor poured before installing the overhead door.  I didn't agree with him but since I can't install garage doors alone we continued to live with the tarp.  But after we had concrete poured last week we finally installed the door.  It really makes a difference.

As for the old door...we tried to sell it on Craigslist but even when we offered to sell it for $20 or trade for a homemade dessert we didn't have any interest.  In the end Luke ripped the door apart and we saved the 2x6 fir rails at the top and bottom for use on future projects.  The rest of the doors went to the dump and we took the rails and extensions springs in for recycling.  I hate to see the door go to waste but people around here just don't use Craigslist.
We still have some small projects to take care of but we're getting close to moving the tools back into the garage.


clammyblog said…
Wow, what an improvement. Maybe you should cover the house with the blue tarp.

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