Monday, May 10, 2010

Laundry Room Reveal

I know, I know, you were starting to wonder if we would ever finish a project. Truth be told we are 99% finished with everything. The kitchen just needs a little more work on the countertops and the living room is waiting on the fireplace mantle. So really, we are very close and everything will be finished over the next few days. Then I can finally post some pictures. I just can't stand posting photos when the project is not quite finished.
So to tide you over until then please let me present the laundry room. Do you remember what it started out as?
The wall behind the washer was rotten and moldy. The gap under the door allowed a constant stream of mice and spiders to enter the house.
We had to remove the window to allow the stacked washer and dryer. It was a small price to pay for a much more usable layout.The old platform for the washer and dryer was about to collapse into the plumbing trench below.

Also, the door to the (future) master bedroom opened into the laundry area instead of into the bedroom.Stacking the washer and dryer left room for a small folding table and storage cabinet.
We built the same backsplash and counters for the kitchen. Since the rooms are adjacent it ties together nicely.
Old furnace area and pantry
We added a wall and made our new utility room separate from the laundry room.
I am continuing with the finishing touches in the kitchen and Luke is finishing the fireplace mantle in the living room. I will be posting photos any day now.

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