Sunday, January 03, 2010

A Walk Through The Ruins

While working on the kitchen demo we realized that life would be easier and cheaper if we could get the kitchen, laundry and master suite inspected at the same time. Otherwise we have to deal with the expense and inconvenience of three separate electrical inspections. So instead of moving forward on the kitchen we found ourselves tearing the rest of the house apart. Here was the laundry room as of Friday:
We already knew that the wall behind the washer was in bad shape. I painted it with Kilz last year but it was time to do something about this:
The sheetrock was moldy all the way through and collapsed as soon as we touched it.The insulation was also moldy and had to be replaced. We also discovered that the wall to the left was damaged and it too had to be stripped to the studs.
We also began the conversion of the "bonus room" on the end of the house. This was a garage when the house was finished in 1949 but from what we can determine it was converted into a spare room in the 70's. The discolored paint to the left was from the freestanding wood stove we removed upon moving in. The closet to the right contains the water heater, not ideal for our future master suite.
We will be moving the water heater to the utility room and building a new master bath across the space once this kitchen is complete. After four long days of demolition we are finally ready to start rebuilding...stay tuned.

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