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Garage Progress - Exterior Finished

It's been nearly a year since we were granted our building permit and began the conversion of our carport into a finished garage. Since then we have managed to run into every kind of possible delay, back ordered supplies, code problems, health problems and Luke's unexpectedly busy work schedule. Despite all these complications the garage is finally finished. I will be posting interior pictures later; today's post is all about the exterior.
 August 2008. Our lovely carport the day we moved in. We learned from the neighbors that the previous owner had the carport built to cover some of the junk in the back yard. The city had received multiple complaints about his yard and ordered him to get rid of the junk or cover it. And so the carport was built. Judging from the design it was never intended to be converted into finished space.
The accent colors look very purple in this light. It's actually burgundy.
Compared to the freshly painted garage the house looks shabbier than ever. New siding and paint to match the garage won't be happening until next spring. Until then the condition of the house will continue to serve as a theft-deterrent. Really, who would break into a house that looks like the owners are too poor to buy paint?
I think having a lawn would dress up the garage even more. In fact, landscaping is our next project.


The garage looks very nice! Good job you guys! You are right about the lawn, it will make that burgundy stand out even more and always makes the house look prettier :-)

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We sold our house last week.  This may come as a surprise since the house wasn't even for sale. We weren't planning to move.  Everything in the house was designed with the idea that we would be living here for years.  But sometimes God makes it abundantly clear that He has other plans.  In the course of just a few days Luke was offered a chance to move to his company branch in my hometown and we met a family looking for a house in our neighborhood.  And now our house is under contract.
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