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Add Value to Your Home By Cutting Large Holes in the Foundation

If you haven't guessed by the title we finally put egress windows in the basement.  Here's the quick backstory.  Our house only had two bedrooms on the main floor.  There were a couple of partially finished rooms in the basement that the previews owners had used as bedrooms but were far from legal.  After reworking the floorplan multiple times we decided to build our bedrooms back to back with a mirrored layout that would allow them to share a single egress window well.  After digging a huge hole in the yard we started with this small window opening.
Luke used a demo saw to cut our new hole.  As you can see the new opening did not completely overlap the old window.  We took advantage of the huge hole in the foundation to bring in 86 sheets of drywall.  Someday we will finish the basement and won't have to bring them down the stairs.
It did not take long to frame in the opening and install the new egress windows.
I took advantage of a few days of good weather to build the window well and backfill the huge hole.  Obviously we still have trim to finish and I have to texture the foundation, but we've accomplished a lot in just a few days.
From the inside you can see the old window opening was only 18"x30"
The basement is so much brighter with the new, larger windows. 
 After framing the bedrooms you can see how the egress windows will fit into the floorplan. 
 Eventually I'll build window seats in the nook under the egress windows.  But first I need power, drywall, etc.


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