Monday, February 25, 2013

Next Up: Laundry Room

When we first bought the house the laundry was located upstairs in the kitchen/dining room:
We decided to convert the cellar into livable space and chose the back corner for the laundry room location.
After gutting the basement and framing new walls we had a space for a laundry room, notice all the drain lines hanging there for Luke to bang his head on.
Several months ago we replaced all our copper drain lines with new pvc ones.  We rerouted the pipes to run in between the floor joist to create more head room.  The new lines run through a plumbing chase between the laundry room and adjacent bathroom.  This houses not only the drain lines but will also contains the radon mitigation system and dryer vent.  Eventually I will put the washer, dryer and sink on this wall.
The west wall has a crawlspace access into the addition.  I need to build a more attractive access panel.

The north wall is half covered by the controls for our hydronic heat system.  I will be putting built in cabinets at the bottom of the wall and hiding the hydronic components behind louvered doors.
The east wall has our new electrical panel so I can't build any counters in front like I had originally  intended.
Last weekend Luke and I finished the framing and shimmed the floor joists in preparation for drywall.  It's going to be a busy week with Luke defending his thesis and starting a new job  but I am hoping to get the insulation in this week and have the walls rocked this weekend.

Sunday, February 24, 2013

Luke's Office

This is Luke's office.  It does not technically count as a fourth bedroom because it lacks a closet.

In addition to painting the ceiling blue and the walls red the previous owners also splashed soda(?) all over the ceiling.  It then baked on for almost a year before we bought the house.  My mom and grandmother spent hours scrubbing it off.
Last winter I could not handle the oxblood walls any longer.  They sucked all the light out of the room.  I grabbed a bucket of mistint paint and covered the walls.  I didn't have enough to cut the corners but it was still an improvement.  Then I installed a radon mitigation system that involved running a 3" pvc pipe through the office (The pipe is crooked here, I forgot to get a pictures after I fixed it)
The plan was to eventually hide the pipe inside a closet. I framed up a wall that spans the entire length of the room.  The office will have a seven foot long closet on the left.  The right side will be a linen closet opening into the hallway.  The pipe is hidden in the wall between the two closets.  This was my first time framing anything entirely by myself but Luke inspected it when he got home and couldn't find any mistakes.  I guess I must be learning after all.

Once framing was in I hung sheetrock on the open walls and began repairs on the original walls.  Every night after work I put in a few hours fixing those walls.  The PO's really messed them up but I finally got them back to like-new condition and covered everything with a coat of primer.

I painted the room the same grey/green color as the other finished bedrooms

And finally finished (except for the floor, baseboard and closet doors)

The Master Bedroom Finally Done (Almost)

After eighteen months and countless comments from guests it's time I do something with the master bedroom.  When we first moved in it was a Spiderman themed mess with black and blue walls and red trim.  The closest I came to making it "homey" was to take the web-slinger stickers off the wall.
Last fall we finished the back bedrooms and moved into the guest room.  A month later I discovered the master bedroom had a wall full of mold from our previously leaky roof.

I ripped down all the sheetrock, but this is the wall that separates the bedroom and living room so for the last four months we've had this view from the sofa.
Since then I've insulated the exterior walls and  built the master bathroom, but the bedroom is in a pretty sorry state.

My parents will be staying for a few days at the end of the month and I thought it would be nice to have the master suite ready for them.  I had a four day weekend so I recruited Luke to help me hang sheetrock on Friday evening.  I can hang 8' sheets by myself but I haven't figured out how to do 12' alone.  The room is 11'10" square so this eliminates a lot of seams

My four day weekend was spent in a haze of drywall dust but by the time I returned to work the room was almost finished.  The walls were finished, textured and painted.

It look a few evenings to take care of the finishing touches, window trim, crown molding and a new light fixture.  Even though we haven't refinished the floors yet the room is much more appealing.

I also moved in some furniture to make the room more comfortable for my parents.  Nothing matches, but when we bring in our bedding and get rid of the rug it will all tie together.

Wednesday, February 20, 2013

In The Pen

I've been working alone for the last four months while Luke worked on his thesis.  But last weekend he had some free time to help on the house.  Even though we did not work on the same projects it was great to having him around.  His main project this weekend was dealing with the dog pen.
Atlas and Rikka share a 160 sq ft pen on the side of the house.  One side was closed in by the covered patio.  We removed the covered patio last fall and the cinder block seating wall was not enough to keep the dogs in the pen.
Removing the cinder blocks was fast and easy thanks to the demo hammer.
We debated doing a cedar fence, but Atlas really likes to see what is going on in the yard so we needed something a little more open.  We settled on building our fence out of the same aluminum balusters we used on the porch railing with a cedar frame.
They look happy in this picture but only because I was bribing them with treats. The pen has shelter, water and a heating pad but Atlas would prefer to sleep under the tree in the back yard.  Too bad he dug a hole and lost that privilege.
The fence is 45" tall from the patio, 50" from the dog pen but my malamute is afraid of heights so I don't have to worry about him going over.  Now that the dogs are properly locked up we'll see if the grass survived the winter.