Sunday, January 20, 2013

Master Bathroom Finished

I normally do before and after photos when I finish a room.  But the master bathroom was never a bathroom before.  It was just space that we stole from the end of the bedroom.  So really the best I can do is offer you this as a before picture.
Drumroll please...
View from the master bedroom


Instead of a whirlpool I installed an extra-deep tub.

Vanity -
 Since Luke is a foot taller than I am I chose a pivoting mirror so it would work for either of us.

Tile floor
Floor thermostat
 This makes three bathrooms I've built in the last year.  It also means I am done with bathrooms, at least until we buy another house.  I would love to take a week off from the house and get rested but there's just no time.  I finished the bathroom last night, this afternoon I'm starting the laundry room; that's all the break I get.

Saturday, January 12, 2013

Master Bath - Part 3

I'm not on vacation any more and I've had the flu so progress on the bathroom has slowed.  On Saturday I spent four hours cleaning the shower tile and prepping for grout.  The mosaic tile looks great, but it has a lot of joints to be cleaned before grouting.  After what seemed like an eternity of cleaning I finally grouted the shower.  
 I love how the white grout ties the blocky tiles together and really defines the edges of the mosaic tile.
I lost several days to the flu but by Thursday I was recovered enough to run the wire to the tile heater.

 And on Friday night I tiled the floor.

I am hoping to finish the bathroom over the weekend.  If all goes as planned I will be able to post finished pictures next week.  In the mean time, here's how to efficiently store cats using old tile boxes.

Wednesday, January 02, 2013

Master Bath - Part 2

In order to keep bathroom progress from stalling I arranged to have six days off over the holiday.  It was wonderfully relaxing and made a huge difference in how the bathroom looks.
 First I conscripted Luke to help me install the new bathtub.  Since his alternative was to work on his thesis it was not hard to get him to work for me for a few hours.  We managed to get the tub into the room and turned the proper direction without incident.  In order to keep the bottom of the tub rock solid I poured a bed of mortar that we set it into.  Just a tip for installation - put plastic on the floor before pouring the mortar.  The people that replace the tub in sixty years will thank you.

After the tub was in place I put up the rest of the vapor barrier and hung the drywall.  I purchased the mold-resistant drywall from a different source and was glad to see it was lavender instead of smurf blue.  I'm also getting pretty good at hanging drywall by myself.  I don't know if that's a good thing or a sign that something is seriously wrong with my life.  Speaking of seriously wrong, I miscalculated how many sheets of drywall I needed and ended up one short.  I realized this on Saturday evening, after both building supply stores had closed for the holiday weekend.  I did not want to wait to finish the walls until they reopen on Wednesday so I pieced together the small wall out of scraps.  I have ten different pieces of drywall on one 5' wall.

A few days elapsed while I took care of taping and texturing the walls and getting them painted.  In between coats of mud I hung the Durock on the walls and prepared to tile the shower.
I used a 9x18 ceramic tile for the body of the shower with mosaic tiles cut up to make an accent strip.  I'll be using white grout to blend the edges and make the tiles look less blocky.
 I'm still waiting for my tile warmer to arrive then I can finally get the floor done.  If all goes well it will be here tomorrow and I can tile the floor this weekend.